Motivation Monday: Interview with Romantic Suspense Author Shannon Redmon

Love the process of writing a story more than the idea of being a writer. If we love the process, writing will always be a blessing even in the tough times of critique, rejection, and waiting. But if we only love the idea of writing, then we are more likely to burn out and give up.

Open The Door to the Past: Research and the Making Of Historical Fiction.

You know the feeling. You pick up a novel that promises to transport you into another world and another time, but instead it is a weak imitation of the modern world. The characters spout modern slang, strut around with modern mindset and attitude. But, hey, their clothes. They're different. And, say, have you noticed the date? A.D. 300. Surprise!... Continue Reading →

Once Upon A Dream: My Story

A restlessness built within her when she found herself without a notebook in hand, for in those moment the portals were permanently closed and she feared she would never find her way inside again

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