Motivation Monday: Interview with Romantic Suspense Author Shannon Redmon

Hi, Shannon! Thank you for joining us today! How long have you been writing? Writing has always been a part of my life, starting out with poems and songs, then turning into stories. I can see scenes play out in my head, usually things I wished I had said or done in a specific scenario. Now I get to put those in my stories.

What inspired your quest to become a writer? My mother, sister, and husband encouraged me in different ways.

My mother is an avid reader and instilled the same love of books in me. She used to take me to the bookmobile when I was a young girl. The old van parked in the church lot once a week and the smell of used books enticed me to enter. I loved perusing the shelves in search of a new discovery. This is where I was first introduced to Victoria Holt books. An author who wrote romance novels with a touch of mystery to them.

When I got older, my sister and I wrote stories and compared them. We even participated in Faithwriter’s contest once a week. We loved trying to figure out who wrote what, since the entries were anonymous.

Then in December of 2015, my husband  told me to “finish a book already”.  So I did and here we are.

Tell us a little bit about your series! I am in the process  of writing a three book series of romance suspense novels. The main characters are all strong women and doctors in the medical field who work with the FBI to solve murders impacting  their lives. Of course, there is always a love story intertwined with the suspense.

What is the greatest praise you’ve received about your writing so far? When the lady who critiqued my book signed me with her agency and said she wanted to help me with my story. I love being her client and having her knowledge of the publishing world.

Describe your writing style in three words. Action! Action! Action!

What is your favorite thing about writing? What is your least favorite? I love the moment when the story or scene comes together. When the heavens open and angels sing! We toss around idea after idea in our heads and start outlining or writing. Then the story or scene opens up, allowing the words to flow, like we are right there in the midst of the drama.

My least favorite thing about writing is the waiting. Waiting for that moment when we get the amazing news. . .our book has been chosen for publication.

Your most creative ideas come when. . . I pray before I start writing. Our God is the amazing Creator of this world. He gives us His stories to write. My best ideas come from Him. . .usually when I’m in the shower, awakened  at 3 a.m. or taking out my frustration on my elliptical machine.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers? Love the process of writing a story more than the idea of being a writer. If we love the process, writing will always be a blessing even in the tough times of critique, rejection,  and waiting. But if we only love the idea of writing, then we are more likely to burn out and give up.

Can you give us a little teaser about your WIP? Dr. Rachel Graham, an expert vascular surgeon, discovered her father murdered several years ago. Still reeling with anxiety, two things cause her to panic– large amounts of blood and the return of her life-long love, Dr. Matthew Scott.

But when an obsession emerges from her past, Rachel’s career, family members, and reconciliation with Matt are threatened. Her father’s murderer targets her in a psychological game to resurrect the dead. Evidence piles against her and she will find herself in the fight of her life to save her career, her loved ones, and the sweet secret Matt loves most.

Thank you for joining us today, Shannon! Happy writing!



About Shannon

Shannon Moore Redmon hopes to write fiction stories, not to entertain, but to share the gospel truth of Jesus Christ. Her stories dive into the healthcare where Shannon holds over twenty years  of experience as a registered Medical Sonographer. She has worked in Radiology, Obstetrics/Gynecology, and Vascular Surgery. Her career experience also includes teaching at the corporate level for GE Healthcare and at the collegiate level for Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College. She is a member of the ACFW and Blue Ridge Mountain Writer’s Group. Shannon is represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of the Steve Laube Agency.

Coming Next Week: Shattered: When Your Words Seem Broken Beyond Repair






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  1. Shannon – that is a great piece of advice, and one that I don’t think I’ve heard before – LOVE the PROCESS of WRITING more than the idea of being a writer. You are so right – because that is really the hardest part, the part you have to be willing to do, day in and day out. And if you don’t love it, you won’t stick with it. Thank you for sharing, and I’m so excited about your books! They sound great!

    Jacqueline – thanks for sharing this with us! Blessings on your writing as well!

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