How To Spot A Book Addict

You’ve seen them:

-pale faces because they never see daylight

-eyes gruesomely glued to pages

-may attack if forced to set aside their book.

They roam bookstores at odd hours, their eyes hungry and their hands frantic. (Generally protected by an impenetrable shield of books, but we’re not concerned with attacking them at the present.) You speak to them, but those hungry eyes apparently also are glass, because they simply look through you.

These addicts may physically live in our world, but their minds continually seek fresh planets of habitation.

They use books for pillows. They get high off of the smell of ink. They talk and breathe and fight in imaginary worlds.


I know because I too am a book addict.

Yes, I hear voices too. Can we keep that quiet?

They speak to me out of pages and ink and worlds of imagination. Paper friends who come to life in my soul.

Books are friends that come to life in your soul

I am the characters I read about. I am the lowliest peasant. I am the richest emperor.

A princess.

A dragon.

A soldier.

A spy.

Within the pages of a book, I can be anything that I wish to be.

And that is the greatest superpower in the world.

What about you? Has a book changed your life?


Until next time. . . happy writing!


Coming Next Week: Interview with Author Molly Jo Realy







7 thoughts on “How To Spot A Book Addict

Add yours

    1. I’m happy to connect as well! 🙂 Books make the world so amazing — and it’s exciting to write stories that will change others the way we have been changed. [Stops myself before I begin a mild rant on the importance of reading.]

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  1. Yes yes yes yes yes. Of course, these sound a little bit like reading zombies. I do know that I have a death look that I shoot at people when they interrupt my reading. When I was younger, my sister learned that when she saw that look to just turnaround and come back later. I ALWAYS appreciated that!

    This post was super fun!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That WOULD be so handy. Some people just starting talking when you’re trying to read…and it’s the worst. A book should have the same connotation as headphones.

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