Monday Motivation: Interview with author Pam Jernigan

Hi, Pam! Thank you for joining us today. How long have you been writing? What inspired your quest to become a writer? I think my first finished story was in fourth grade (it was a mystery - the case of the missing skateboard!) but I have always loved reading – adventure, mystery, history, contemporary, whatever I... Continue Reading →

Death by Edits

It usually goes like this: Friend: "So. How are the edits coming along?" Me [grins sheepishly]: "I'm working on another book." Friend: "A SECOND book?" Me: "Well...and another one after that." *long, guilty silence* Me [mumbles]: "I'm writing four books, OK? That's it." Friend: *brings straitjacket* The past few months have been relentless. I write... Continue Reading →

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