Tip Tuesday: Beating Writer’s Block

  Struggling with a scene? Backtrack. See where your interest deviated. There’s a chance you took the wrong step with the story and it’s fighting back. More often than not, writer's block lays siege because we, the writers, took a path the story didn't want to follow. Listen to your story. Start over from the... Continue Reading →

10 Things Writers Don’t Want You To Know

10. We aren't always productive. Some days, the words refuse to transfer from our brain to our fingers and we're left wordless and empty. How does the rest of the world survive without the release of writing? 9. We're driven by desperation. Characters hound us in our sleep and editors and readers send impatient emails... Continue Reading →

Tip Tuesday: Focus

  Struggling with focus today? Close your eyes and imagine how it will feel to hold your finished book in your hands. The pride of accomplishment. The utter bliss of all you have created and the characters you have brought to life. Hold to that feeling. Remind yourself that it is all worth it. Now,... Continue Reading →

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