Tip Tuesday: Focus


Struggling with focus today?

Close your eyes and imagine how it will feel to hold your finished book in your hands.

The pride of accomplishment.

The utter bliss of all you have created and the characters you have brought to life.

Hold to that feeling. Remind yourself that it is all worth it.

Now, get back to writing.

You have a story to tell, after all.


Exercise: Create a spot you use only for writing. A window seat, a special chair in the living room, a desk. Whatever works for you and your writing style. A playlist used only for writing time will help you get in the zone. When you’re in your writing spot, turn off the internet, set a timer, and begin to type.



A word after a word after a word is power."--Margaret Atwood.png


How do you stay focused when writing? Share in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday: Focus

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  1. Okay, Jacqueline! I truly needed this one. I’m supposed to be writing book three in the BFA series, but I’ve been on Facebook etc. I’m glad I ran across this post. I’m signing off social media for the next few hours.

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