Writing Tips

Explore your story to its depths. What new scenes and new discoveries can you uncover? Take a chance. And find out.

A Writer’s Guide to Surviving the Normal World

We all know writers are vampires. They come alive at night to drink ink from the pens of the living, and spend ungodly hours writing until they are weak and weeping from the deaths caused by their words. Sometimes it can be hard to re-emerge from that world. By now I think my friends have... Continue Reading →

Write Pursuit: My Conference Experience

After all, I was afraid. Last year, the writers conference was my fairy godmother, and my every wish came true. This year? I knew what was ahead of me. Work. Hard, brutal, frustrating work. I pitched to an invisible agent the entire drive to the conference. Grew teary over my imperfect one sheets and proposal.... Continue Reading →

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