10 Things Writers Don’t Want You To Know

10. We aren't always productive. Some days, the words refuse to transfer from our brain to our fingers and we're left wordless and empty. How does the rest of the world survive without the release of writing? 9. We're driven by desperation. Characters hound us in our sleep and editors and readers send impatient emails... Continue Reading →

10 Reasons To Write Like A Child

"Write like a child?" you complain. "Are you out of your mind? The stories I wrote as a kid are utter trash!" I'm not talking about grammar or sentence structure or (goodness knows) thin plots that riddled our infantile writings. I'm talking about the wonder. The ability to lose yourself in a fictional world. Set yourself free. And... Continue Reading →

The Power of Your Words

You control destinies by your pen. You summon adventure and love and death. You are the ruler of  worlds that readers can only dream of. You, my friend, are a writer. Books offer escape and vision, and you are the one who opens the portal. You show them the path out of the real world... Continue Reading →

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